View from the top.

The top from another angle.

A little Pac-Man and a gin martini.

More Pac-Man and gin.

The cocktail table and Gameman.

Stone beers and a game of Tapper.

The "3rd" side by side controller.

A closer view of the 2 Player controller.

Looking at the bottom of the 3rd controller. You can see the coin-door and the two 'hidden' coin buttons.

Looking at the cabinet from the 2nd player side.

A view of the rear of the table.

Not only does it play arcade games, but it's a web browser and mp3 jukebox. Notice the Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse setup.

To access the CD-ROM, simply open the coin-door.

With the top open, you can see all the guts inside.

A closer view of the motherboard and speaker circuit board.

The backside of the 3rd controller. Notice the monitor remote control board, power strip, and rear of coin-door.

The rear of the 2nd Player side.

The inside of the 3rd controller.

The monitor from the side, notice the wood blocks at the top that secure the monitor to the tabletop.

The rear of the monitor, you can see the two 'rails' the monitor sits on.

c2003 - Jeff Hermann