Previous Projects: - My Infamous GAMEMAN!

Part Sources: - They built the cocktail kit that my table was made from, probably the most helpful and flexible company on the web. - I bought my glass and underlay from them. - The source for almost any arcade part. - Source for J-Stiks joysticks and I-PAC encoders. - Tons of arcade parts, I got my speaker/vent shields from them. - The most prominent of all arcade monitor manufacturer's. I got my U3100 from them. - okay starter plans for a MAME cocktail table, but very good prices on arcade parts

MAME: - The official MAME site.
Mame32 + - The best windows emulator I have found yet.
MameGuy - Member of the Tombstone network - I got my ROMs burned from him.

Other MAME Cabinets:
Johnny's Pacman-Mame - Johnny and I have been trading info back and forth as we both work on our tables. Check out his great website to see his progress.
Blake's MAME Cabinet - Friend of mine working on an upright MAME cabinet, although not updated in a while, his info conviced me that something on this scale could be done.

Other Info:
Build Your Own Arcade Controls - A HUGE repository of information covering everything from cabinet construction, monitors, arcade controls and more. They also have a large index of example projects.

c2003 - Jeff Hermann