* AMD XP 1800+
* ASUS A7N8X Motherboard
* 512meg RAM
* 80gig Western Digital HDD
* ATI Radeon 7500 64meg Video w/ S-Video and Dual VGA outputs
* 19" Wells Gardner U3100 SVGA arcade monitor
* Windows 2000
* Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse

* 2 4-Way J-Stik Joysticks (one in each end controllers)
* 2 8-way J-Stik Joysticks (two in the side controller)
* Numerous Competition Pushbuttons (four in each end controller, two sets of six in the side controller, and various others)
* Ultimarc I-PAC Keyboard Encoder
* Happ Over/Under Mini Coin Door, 2-Entry
* Happ 19" Black Plastic Monitor Bezel
* Clear Cocktail Table Glass
* Reproduction Pac-Man cocktail Table Underlay

* MAME32 Plus

Q: Can you help me find ROMs?
A: No. If you look at my links, it should be easy enough for you to find. All e-mails on this subject will be ignored and deleted.

Q: Why did you build this?
A: I've always wanted a cocktail table arcade. I tried out MAME several years ago and was not very impressed with it. When I recently 'rediscovered' it, I was shocked to find out how perfect it looks, runs, and sounds. At that point there was really no debate, I would build a cabinet. Besides, I needed a new computer anyway, so it was a good excuse. And I need a place to rest my beer.

Q: Does it do anything else other then play arcade games?
A: Absolutely, it's a web-browser, email checker, mp3 jukebox, and misc. emulator/rom system (nes, snes, gb, etc.)

Q: Have you done any projects like this before?
A: Yes. Last year, I built the GameMan. It uses essentially the same technology as the Cocktail Arcade: a PC running an emulator, and a keyboard encoder. On that project though, I used a Hagstrom KE-24. The Ultimarc I-PACs that I'm using in the Cocktail Arcade are much easier to use and are much cheaper to purchase.

Q: Can I e-mail and ask you questions about how you built the Cocktail Arcade?
A: Absolutely, feel free to email me at Just be sure to replace the 'AT' with an '@'.

Q: Will you build a Cocktail Arcade for me?
A: No.

Q: Are you willing to sell your Cocktail Arcade?
A: No.

c2003 - Jeff Hermann